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Wall-E's Warning: How Disney Predicted Our Future

Technology: The Catalyst For American Laziness
        Part Three:
          Wall-E’s Warning: How Disney Predicted Our Future
Describing Wall-E and how its story is very relatable to what could happen to America
            So now you know that all this technology has some negative repercussions, but it can’t be too bad, right? Well, if this continues our country will just get lazier and lazier to the point where all of the once simple and refreshing aspects of life will just be wiped out. Our future is bleak and it may take some time to get there, but it could be very scary. Imagine a world where no one ever moves because technology can do everything for you. A world where computers run your life and no one needs to have their own thoughts. Sounds terrible, yet familiar, it’s almost as if I’ve seen it somewhere before. Yes, that’s right I’m talking about a Disney film. Wall-E. Could Disney have predicted our eerie future?
            If we continue on the path we are on it might not be that far off. For those of you who don’t know, in Wall-E the human race float around on chairs and talk to people through floating screens.
It seems so unlike the way we do things now and it’s an easy idea to brush off, but think about it. More and more you can find kids neglecting exercise and replacing it with watching TV and playing video games. Also, more and more fast food places are delivering now so you don’t have to leave your house to get it (Wall).  Before our very eyes we could watch our country turn into this nightmare demonstrated by Wall-E. Obesity is already growing at an unprecedented rate in America and shows no signs of slowing down. Will our world ever get to the dreaded point that it reached in Disney’s Wall-E? There is no way of knowing but if we don’t change something about the way we live, the future isn’t very bright.

            The other big theme throughout Wall-E is that the humans live in a spaceship because mass consumerism made the world uninhabitable so Wall-E stays behind to clean up the mess for their return. The Internet is the biggest reason for this. It’s not the concept of the Internet, but it’s what you can do on it. You can buy everything, clothes, movies, food; the list goes on and on (Did). Wall-E is a warning and the whole scenario of that movie should serve as a huge red flag for what our country is heading for. We are losing the simple joys that you get from going out of the house and shopping or renting a movie (How). If we don’t restore so of that in our lives our Earth could end up like the one displayed in Wall-E.
            Wall-E has given us all a glimpse into our future, and it looks like something I want to stay away from. Our society is just entirely centered around technology. We invest so much of our time on the Internet and don’t get anything that we couldn’t do in the real world. Something needs to change to prevent this Disney motion picture from becoming a reality.
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