Friday, April 25, 2014

Google Glass, A New Danger

Technology: The Catalyst For American Laziness
          Part Two:
Google Glass, A Newest Danger
Describing the danger and uselessness of Google Glass
As time has progressed, our lives have gotten easier and our country has gotten lazier. Almost every basic task that you once had to move in order to accomplish has been eliminated in exchange for a more “efficient” way to do it. Yet I myself, along with the rest of this technology-stricken country, am a victim of this. We get caught up in all of the fascinating different technologies and forget the simple aspects of life that make it enjoyable. But I’m afraid this problem is only getting worse. The next “big idea” is here, and they are taking this idea of “efficiency” to the extreme.
            The whole idea of the product I’m talking about is wearable technology, more or less, a wearable smart phone. Google glass is a pair of glasses that you wear and it shares a lot of similar features with smart phones. It’s an idea that was first displayed in Star Trek (Google Glass: Yes).  It connects to your phone and share a lot of the same features, but with this new technology it saves you the trouble of getting your phone out of your pocket! Because that is such an exasperating task, America is just too lazy to pull out their smart phones that already do everything else for them.
            Google glass is a very intriguing technology, but just isn’t necessary. There is no need for you to basically wear a phone on your face! But with all of this new technology coming out, it just leads to people wanting more. Every time something new comes out and takes care of an old problem or need, something else is made to fill the newly created wants, and this cycle is always continuing. Our country has progressed from land lines to basic cell phones to smart phones and now to a glasses phone? The new technologies take away things you have to do yourself, with things that can be accomplished with a press of a button, in turn as technology gets more advanced our country gets lazier and less active. The Google glass doesn’t have actual lenses and all of the micro chips and smart phone data are kept on the right side of the glasses (Google Glass: Explorer). There is a small square in the corner, the “glass” part that is what you see.  To activate and use it you can touch the sensor in the corner or say, “okay Glass” then tell it what to do (Google). (represents a view while wearing Google Glass.)
This product may be a big hit and it may not, but for the sake of our country it would be more beneficial if it didn’t. We are very technologically advanced as it is, these super glasses, are unnecessary to add to an already lazy country. This is merely one example of the dangerous effects all this new technology can have, and there is plenty more out there.


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